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CenturyLink International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) and Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) are cost-effective ways to provide international toll-free.

+800 Numbers are officially called Universal International Freephone Numbers or UIFN. These numbers are international and in order to dial them, you must first dial the international call prefix of your country, signified by the “plus” in +800.

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Below is the search result of Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd. Toll Free number in india you have searched for. This customer care number helps the customer to contact the help desk of Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd. with Free of cost. Using toll free services, call charges is paid by them,

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Universal Toll Free Numbers at great places to anywhere in the world. Check our pricing for UIFN here today as a Universal International Freephone Number can work for you.

UIFN numbers are available in 40 countries around the world. As with any toll free number that you get from AVOXI, universal international freephone numbers come with full hosted PBX functionality. Our call routing options and related services include Time of Day Routing, Call Redirect, Failover and Redundancy.

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The word “universal” points to the fact that these numbers have the same format in all of the 50 count. A UIFN can always be called for free from a landline phone, however, in some countries UIFN are not yet available from mobile networks or can only be called from a mobile phone at a. Toll-Free (USA): 1 855 444 3210.

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Whatever you're looking for from an international phone number, we can help. You can choose to have a Toll Free Freephone (ITFS), Universal Toll Free Freephone (UIFN) or select from a range of over 4,000 local or regional phone numbers from around the world. When combined with our advanced range of telephone.

UIFNs and International Toll-Free Numbers. A universal international freephone number, or UIFN, takes an existing toll-free number and makes it international by attaching an extra digit to it. With this 11-digit format, the new, modified number remains otherwise unchanged everywhere in the entire world. 1-800-LAWYERS.

UTFN – Universal Toll-Free Number. Looking for abbreviations of UTFN? It is Universal Toll-Free Number. Universal Toll-Free Number listed as UTFN

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CHINA BANK Customer Contact Center Universal Toll-Free #s (As of January 2017) In order to access our toll-free numbers, your telephone services should be supported.

Calling a toll free/freephone number from abroad Dialing a toll free number from abroad may not work. Calls to a toll free (also known as freephone/freecall) number.

CallMe 0800 service offers international toll free service from Europe. 0800 NUMBERS. There is NO universal toll free number for European Union (EU).

Instantly buy Toll Free Numbers in 61 countries from DIDWW the leading global provider of DIDs / Virtual Numbers.

A Universal Toll Free Number allows you to have one phone number that will work for over 40 countries. Universal Toll Free Telephone Numbers (also known as UIFN) look.

CenturyLink International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) and Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) are cost-effective ways to provide international toll- free access to a U.S.-based business from many countries around the world. As competition from both traditional and non-traditional sources increases, companies that.

What is UIFN ? A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) enables an International Freephone Service (IFS) customer to be allocated a unique freephone number(s) that is the same throughout the world. A UIFN is composed of a three-digit country code for global service application, i.e. 800, followed by an 8 digit.

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Toll-free calls originate on a single Universal access number that can be dialed from over 40 countries and are passed to the Verizon Network for final termination on your network in the contiguous 48 United States.

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Our network for Universal Toll Free numbers covers in excess of 40 countries, have a presence in over 40 countries with one single Freephone number.

UTFN – Universal Toll-Free Number. Looking for abbreviations of UTFN? It is Universal Toll-Free Number. Universal Toll-Free Number listed as UTFN

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Provide seamless connectivity and convenience with long distance calling to more than 200 countries, and a toll-free number for your business. Universal I: Great low international rates with no monthly fee; Universal III: $5.00 monthly fee, plus each country's discounted per minute rate; Universal IV: For businesses that.

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A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) is a worldwide toll-free "800 number" issued by the ITU. Like the 800 area code issued for the NANP in the U.S. and Canada and 0800 numbers in many other countries, the call is free for the caller, and the.

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Like all toll-free numbers, customers or clients can call a business without incurring any charge, no matter where in the world the call originates. International toll-free numbers exist in several forms, but all follow the singular concept of routing a call to a specified location or locations, predetermined by the owner of the toll-free international number.